Adults Classes (6 months and over)

New dog nights are approximately every 10 weeks. From there you will join the Beginners class where you will begin to learn the basics of dog handling and dog obedience.

At the following new dog night you will move up into Novice once you are satisfied that you have mastered the basics. This continues until you reach the advanced level.

The advanced level involves things such as a 3 or 5 minute stay exercise while the handler is out of the room. Most of the exercises are done off the lead by this stage. We have also recently introduced an element of fun into our advanced classes having purchased weave poles, agility jumps and a tunnel.

Puppy Classes

Puppies can attend once they have completed their vaccinations.You will also be shown techniques to use which will make training your puppy easier.

The idea behind socialisation classes is to keep training fun and exciting so that your dog enjoys being trained.

You will be shown how to use basic heel work and recall.

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